1. Methods and Techniques – new

The following pictures are arranged to be fairly self explanatory, some of the being merely progressively zoomed images to show details of picture surface and Rob’s experimental painting techniques. They also demonstrate clearly his insistence on working exclusively on location and producing works which are in direct response to his subject matter. It is this philosophy of direct response that leads to his adventurous lifestyle which involves seeking out and working in unusual and sometimes hazardous situations.

The photographs above show him preparing painting boards, varnishing finished work and constructing special equipment. Also illustrated on this page are other areas of workshop activity which are intrinsically bound up in his painting method. One of these activities is the constant and continuous modification of his “mobile studio” and its contents. This converted van is constantly being fitted with new improvisations in response to his ever evolving working methods. The fabrication and adaptation of specialised equipment, field easels, lighting systems, 8ftx4ft side mounted easel, 20ft overhead painting rig, portable compressed air supplies, airbrushes and spray-guns are as much a part of his Art as the brush-strokes that he makes.

For further insights into his philosophy and methods go to “ANSWERS TO QUESTIONAIRE FROM JOE BROWN, 6TH FORM STUDENT” in the web-page “Newsletter/information”

View video footage (Courtesy of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery) Documentary from the current exhibition (2009) “How Art is Made”


Special Equipment. The van rooftop overhead painting rig. (Courtesy of BBC TV and MediaJunction)