Exhibitions for Hire to Public Galleries.

Rob Perry taking bookings at the "Touring Exhibition Group" marketplace.

Rob Perry taking bookings at the “Touring Exhibition Group” marketplace.

Robert Perry’s wide experience in education at all levels combined with his life as a professional painter, traveller, adventurer, researcher and amateur historian enables him to mount stimulating and informative ART EXHIBITIONS, that are also high in educational content and sufficiently “multi-layered” to be accessible and of interest to all ages and sections of society.

His Exhibition and Lecture Service is appropriate to all Museums, Art Galleries and Institutions of Culture/Education including a wide range of University Faculties, Fine Art, Creative Studies, Philosophy, Politics, History, Peace Studies, Humanities and the Arts.

Although Perry’s exhibitions are emphatically ART exhibitions, all of which are relevant at any time throughout the calendar year, some of his “battlefields” series may be particularly appropriately linked with anniversaries and commemorations such as Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January (1945) D Day, 6 June (1944) Battle of the Somme, 1 July (1916) Death of Wilfred Owen, 4 November (1918) Armistice Day (Remembrance Day) 11 November (1918). (Note the availability of a MAJOR exhibition for the imminent approach of the centenary of the outbreak of The First World War 1914 – 2014.)

For personal online enquiries, please feel free to call (0044) 01384 274751

Points to note:

  • Wall ready, high quality, affordable “off the shelf” exhibitions of drawings and paintings with explanatory notes, information panels and video footage, by an artist with wide experience of exhibiting internationally.
  • Economical in administrative time and staff organizational involvement
  • Standard size 50 to 150 running feet.
  • Major size 150 to 500-plus running feet
  • Delivered and collected unwrapped.
  • Minimal technician assistance required with hanging
  • Optional accompanying educational programme of lectures/seminars/workshops.
  • Low financial cost: Standard size normally based around £250 p.w. for first 4 weeks and £100 p.w. for subsequent weeks. (plus delivery and collection charge)
  • Major sizes by negotiation