Out of Darkness

This unusual exhibition features an amazing series of works made on location, over many years, at night or in various unlit environments.
It comprises a compilation of drawings and paintings, variable according to preference of host venue, ranging from urban and rural scenes dating from the 1980s, to night-time industrial panoramas, lamp-lit trenches of the Somme Battlefields and the First World War tunnel systems of Verdun on which he is still working.

View video footage (Courtesy of BBC TV) ||


Perry’s wide experience in education at all levels combined with his life as a professional painter, traveller, adventurer and amateur historian enables him to mount stimulating and informative exhibitions, high in educational content but sufficiently “multi-layered” to be accessible to all ages and sections of society.

Points to note

  • A ready-made, high quality, economically priced “off the shelf” exhibition of drawings and paintings with explanatory notes, information panels and video footage, by an artist with wide experience of exhibiting internationally.
  • Economical in administrative time and staff organizational involvement
  • Size, flexible, up to 150 running feet.
  • Delivered and collected unwrapped.
  • Minimal technician assistance required with hanging
  • Optional accompanying educational programme of lectures/seminars/workshops.