The Maubeuge Project

Running close to the Belgian border, this extensive network of concrete blockhouses, artillery, machine gun and observation posts, now slowly decaying, was hastily constructed by the French during the mid-1930s to answer the growing threat posed by the rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler.

This expressive series of pictures records the inexorable march of Time and the Seasons as Perry muses on both the futility of War and the struggle between Man and his works, and Nature. The subtle progression, image by image, vividly demonstrates how perception and understanding deepen through sustained contemplation and study.

Meticulously documented notations of time and place show how his composition and method evolve throughout this period as he adapts to changing viewpoint, media, climate and atmosphere. They also reveal his constant attempts to push his drawing and painting techniques into ever more experimental directions without resorting either to the abandonment of their traditional roots or the discipline exerted by unswerving adherence to his ‘Direct Response’ mantra.


“We are surrounded by these blockhouses, but before Robert Perry came and began painting them, I did not even see them.” Xavier Courouble. Citizen of Maubeuge.

“I thought, “There’s an everyday object that’s invisible. What can I do to make it visible?” Man Ray. Surrealist Artist commenting on his “Smoothing Iron” sculpture.

“My Art can be found in any meadow, under every hedgerow, and therefore no-one thinks to stop and pick it up” John Constable. English landscape painter.

As with all his exhibitions, the work produced on location is backed up by information panels featuring documentary photographs, maps and insights provided by excerpts from his field diaries.

Illustrated slide lectures and “Meet the Artist” sessions are also available.

Merchandise. Postcards and booklets are available.