Two Artists. Two Wars.

This unique collaborative exhibition originates from the close friendship between Robert Perry and Mohsen Keiany. These two painters, coming from Christian and Islamic traditions respectively, with their differing cultural backgrounds and life experiences, were brought together by chance in their coincidental membership of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. Their friendship was cemented by their artistic commitment and abhorrence of war.

Perry’s powerfully reflective works have been produced over a fifteen year period on location in the battlefields of the Second World War. The projected atmosphere of lurking menace and dormant violence are his direct response to the battlefields and combine with a subtle melancholic sadness and sense of the waste and tragedy of war instilled in him from early childhood by his grandparents.

Mohsen Keiany’s intense, visionary paintings are generated directly from his traumatic experiences as a conscripted boy-soldier in the Iran – Iraq War of 1980-88. The wounds he sustained and events which he witnessed, particularly the horrific deaths of his school friends have left an indelible impression on his consciousness which is evoked with such intensity in his painting.