A man is walking up the slopes of a mountain.

Every so often he stops, to take stock.

He turns and looks back down the slopes (into the past) to see how far he has travelled since his last stop. Sometimes he tries to identify the precise point at which his journey started.

He scans the far distance and contemplates the new, wider vision which the latest stage of his climb has given him.

He turns again and looks forward up the slopes ahead (into the future) and considers which route to attempt for the next stage of his journey.

Then he moves on…………


             “C’est ne pas une Rembrandt”                                     “C’est ne pas une Turner”

                  “This is not a Rembrandt”                                               “This is not a Turner”

This is a COPY of a detail of Rembrandt’s “Self Portrait as St Paul” that I made when I was 17.
I learned more from making this copy than anything I ever did before or since.
16 x 15 inches (42x 38 cm) Poster paint (Gouache)

This is a COPY of Turner’s “Yacht approaching the Coast” that I made at the age of 19 as an illustration for my NDD thesis which was a personal analysis of the principles of Composition and Abstraction in the work of J M W Turner.
By this time I was well aware that one learned more about an artist by copying one of his paintings than reading 10 books about him.
7 x 10 inches ( 180 x 250 cm) Watercolour


This “Retrospective” section is a personal reflection on the major influences, events and discoveries which have contributed to the evolution of my work.
It will probably take the form of a series of essays dealing with particular phases of my work, some of which have been the result of conscious artistic decisions, others being reactions to (or against) time and circumstance.


THE NIGHTWORK 1985 – 1991 – Learn more about this work