COAST     (2008 BBC2 TV Production.   Broadcast 2009)

 In early 2008,  the producers of the highly successful series “COAST” were formulating plans to venture across to the other side of the  English Channel.

One of the places they selected to film was Etretat on the Normandy coast, famous for its cliffs and being a well known haunt of many 19th Century ground breaking “on the spot” painters including Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet.

Alice Roberts, one of their presenters (and no mean painter herself) thought it would be a good idea to discuss, with a practising artist, the “painting-on-the-spot techniques” used by the Impressionists and to actually work in the place where Monet himself had painted.

However, when they realised they had only one time slot available, they were faced with a dilemma!   “What painter can we possibly think of who always paints on site and is mad enough to commit himself, ahead of time, to working on an exposed shingle beach, whatever the weather, in the middle of November?