Robert Perry’s paintings are currently showing, at the JOHN NOOTT GALLERY, BROADWAY,  Tel 01386 858 969 and at ARTIFEX GALLERIES, SUTTON COLDFIELD. Tel: 0121 323 3776.

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Works by this hardworking and prolific painter, are held in both private and national collections in Britain, Germany, France and Spain and are featured in BBC Your Paintings.  Uncovering the nation’s art collection, in partnership with PCF (Public Catalogue Foundation)”.  He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Britain and Europe, and has been featured frequently on international printed and electronic media.

A landscape painter in the English tradition, Perry travels widely throughout Europe in the Renault “Traffic” van which he has converted into a unique mobile “field studio” incorporating numerous items of purpose-specific equipment which he has fabricated or adapted to suit his highly unorthodox modus operandi.

Born, brought up and educated in the industrial zone of the English West Midlands, known since the Industrial Revolution as “The Black Country”, Perry’s exposure to its culture of hard work, engineering, problem solving and craftsmanship has profoundly influenced the development of his working practice and methods.


Robert Perry and his mobile “Field Studio” on site near Jenlain, Northern France

Robert Perry and his mobile “Field Studio” on site near Jenlain, Northern France

Robert Perry is a prominent member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. He works exclusively on location, producing vigorous paintings and drawings of the European landscape and the effects wrought upon it by light, atmosphere, season, the passage of time and Man’s activities, agriculture, urbanization, industrialization and war. The breadth of his vision and sense of history is extensive. His range of subject matter is vast but, be it the rugged beauty of the High Alps, The Cliffs at Etretat, the meadows around Auvers-sur-Oise where Van Gogh and Daubigny painted, the battlefields and tunnels of the First World War or the grim remains of Auschwitz  and Oradour, the work also represents Perry’s reflections on the human condition and the enigmas of Time and Space.

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