Robert Perry’s exciting new exhibition “SUNLIGHT” opens at the RBSA Gallery, Birmingham in October 2015. For more information click here

Unique First World War Centenary Exhibition of paintings available for hire to British and European Museums, Art Galleries, Universities and other Cultural Institutions

Drawings, paintings and documentary photographs made entirely on site by Robert Perry over a 25 year period in the battlefields and tunnel systems of the WW1.
The content and presentation can be adapted to relate to many significant episodes and aspects of the 1914–18 War but would be particularly appropriate for the centenary year 2018.


Click Here – “1918 – 2018. Echoes of War”


A hardworking and prolific painter, Robert Perry’s works are in both private and national collections in Britain, Germany and France and are featured in BBC Your Paintings.  Uncovering the nation’s art collection, in partnership with PCF (Public Catalogue Foundation)”. He has held numerous solo exhibitions in Britain, France, Spain and Germany.

A landscape painter in the English tradition, Perry travels widely throughout Europe with his unique mobile “Field Studio” a purpose converted Renault Trafic van.

A prominent member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, he works exclusively on location, producing vigorous paintings and drawings of the European landscape and the effects wrought upon it by light, atmosphere, season, the passage of time and Man’s activities, agriculture, urbanization, industrialization and war.

Born, brought up and educated in the industrial zone of the English West Midlands, known since the Industrial Revolution as “The Black Country”, Perry’s exposure to its culture of hard work, engineering, problem solving and craftsmanship has profoundly influenced the development of his working practice and methods.
He is noted for the ingenious design and fabrication of highly specialized, purpose-specific equipment and his constantly evolving unorthodox and experimental media techniques.

Robert Perry and his mobile “Field Studio” on site near Jenlain, Northern France

Robert Perry and his mobile “Field Studio” on site near Jenlain, Northern France

Aspects of his adventurous lifestyle and unorthodox methods have been extensively covered on British and French Television: see “TV and Video” dropdowns.

Collections of his work and associated lecture programmes, are available for hire by public galleries, universities and arts institutions.

Paintings are available for purchase through the agencies listed under “Contacts”.